A prophecy received, and now?

A prophecy received, and now?

When we were in prayer for you, I saw you climbing a mountain. You came higher and higher.  And more and more people came after you…. I think it means that you may continue on your path and others will naturally follow you.

Have you ever received a prophetic word? Maybe it was right, or maybe it just felt way off. But what to do with a prophetic word? We’re happy to give you three tips:


Pray for the prophecy. If the word or image is something from God for you, the Holy Spirit wants to help you receive it. Ask the Holy Spirit if He will show you more about prophecy. And whether He would make it clear whether you can do something with this word or image now or whether it is for later. By asking God questions and listening to what He says, you can discover what the prophecy means for you.  


Often a prophecy feels too big, too far or too impossible. But prophecy is not about our feelings, but about God’s vision! Therefore, receiving a prophecy always requires faith in God. How do you practice this faith? Write down the prophecy, read it back regularly, and pray for it. Thus, your thoughts are shaped by the words God speaks. Just at the times when it seems impossible, this gives hope and courage to persevere. And how beautiful it is, to read back prophetic words that have come true! 


Fortunately, you don’t have to fulfill a prophecy yourself, but sometimes you can do something! If God sees you as a leader who climbs mountains, then maybe you need to make some adjustments in your life? You can think about who you are a role model for now, and who is following you at the moment. And maybe you can be a little more certain about the direction you’re going? To his young colleague Timothy, Paul wrote: “Do not neglect the grace that has been given to you; you owe it to the prophetic words that the council of elders has pronounced on you, under the laying on of hands.” (1 Timothy 4:14). No matter how young or inexperienced Timothy felt, the prophetic words gave him the grace and commission to be a pastor.

And if it’s not from God now….

It may also be that you doubt whether the prophecy was from God. For example, it didn’t feel edifying or encouraging. Or the application was made too quickly. This is possible, because people sometimes make mistakes and with prophecy we are also sometimes (partially) wrong. Therefore, we may examine prophetic words together with God and others. We see an example of this in Acts 21:10-14. The prophet Agabus prophesied that Paul would be captured in Jerusalem. So everyone said, “Stay with us!” The image was correct, but the explanation was not. For Paul knew that God was sending him to Jerusalem, even if it meant imprisonment. Do you get a prophetic word that you have doubts about? Then lay this down with God and leave it there. If God wants to say more about it, He is certainly able to do so!

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