we-Worship is a movement of worship evenings in the Protestant Church Amsterdam. We believe that God is worthy of worship through music, prayer and song. And by worshipping Him you can experience the love, power and presence of God. Therefore, we organize an evening at the Attic of the Van Limmikhof once a month and worship evenings in Amsterdam churches several times a month.

We always start with coffee and tea so you can “land” for a while and meet other participants. Then we begin with a brief explanation of worship. For worship is not primarily a particular posture (standing, sitting, kneeling) but is about your personal connection with God. Then we will worship God, with the worship leader and the band playing God-centered music. During the evening we make space to listen to God’s voice, pray for each other or have the prayer team pray for yourself. We will conclude the evening with time to continue talking and meeting each other.

Every last Thursday of the month there is a worship evening in the Attic of the Van Limmikhof (Nieuwe Keizersgracht 1a). In addition, there are several worship nights, training sessions and other times. You can find them in the agenda!

Admission to worship nights is free so everyone can come! To pay for the costs we incur, there is the weWorship foundation, to which people can make a donation. For more information see support.

The worship evenings are held in Dutch and English as everything is translated. The music consists of both Dutch and English songs, because there are always people from all kinds of backgrounds.

In June 2019, we-Worship was started by Christine and René in collaboration with the Protestant Church Amsterdam. You can find the story behind we-Worship at about us. There is now a whole team of volunteers and stakeholders who help organize the evenings. Would you like to help yourself? Sign up by sending an email using the form below.